Dimentia – EXQSTE: REMADE (Darkmatter Soundsystem DMDIGI012)

Darkmatter Soundsystem presents Dimentia - "EXQSTE: REMADE" (DMDIGI012) with remixes by Baseck, Fiend, Fluxion A/D, Pink Abduction Ray, Somatic Responses, and Xanopticon.


  1. EXQSTE (Xanopticon Remix)

  2. EXQSTE (Somatic Responses Remix)

  3. EXQSTE (Fiend Remix)

  4. EXQSTE (Fluxion A/D Remix)

  5. Telepathic Virus (Pink Abduction Ray Remix)

  6. Winter’s Fall (Baseck Remix)

Mastered by Eezir

Design by Heather Cannibal

Released on Winter Solstice, December 21, 2019

Various Artists: 18 Year Anniversary Compilation (DMDIGI011) 

The Darkmatter Soundsystem 18 Year Anniversary Compilation (DMDIGI011) features new tracks by WMX, Pink Abduction Ray, Minion, Fiend, Dimentia, Baseck, and Abnormalities. We dedicate this compilation to Darkmatter artist Mike Harrison (Bad Timing) who passed away one year ago. We celebrate and remember Mike's dedication to experimental music and video art, his friendship, and his contributions to Darkmatter. The 18 Year Anniversary Compilation cover is a generative design made in Max/MSP of Mike's Neomania EP (DMDIGI008) with the Darkmatter Soundsystem logo by Sansculotte. On July 27, 2019 in Los Angeles, the 18th anniversary underground celebration included E-De-Cologne, Moment Trigger, Alex Pelly, Baseck, Diskore, Fiend, Minion, Nemeton, Shrill, and WMX.


1. WMX: Exalt 
2. Pink Abduction Ray: Vault Legend 
3. Pink Abduction Ray: Mutagen 
4. Pink Abduction Ray: Extranulate 
5. Minion: Ravestep 
6. Fiend: Dominated by Emotions 
7. Fiend: A Short Crewed…Red Planets Surface 
8. Dimentia: Those Eyes 
9. Baseck: 18 Deep 
10. Abnormalities: Voyager 
11. Abnormalities: Black Acid Machines 

released August 18, 2019


Dimentia - EXQSTE EP (Darkmatter Soundsystem DMDIGI010)

Active since 2001, Dimentia is the primary project of Oakland based artist Sean Dimentia, who also creates and collaborates under the names Montaux, Cinkrillian Weight, and Kanopic Descent. Dimentia has toured both in Europe and the US, and has released music with Katabatik, Void Tactical Media, Zhark International, Record Label Records, and Cuss Fetish record labels. Sean Dimentia is a dedicated community member with the underground music collectives Katabatik, 5lowershop, and SPAZ soundsystems, promoting and supporting underground esoteric electronic music in the Bay Area for over 20 years.  


EXQSTE was recorded between 2017-2019 using these machines: Octatrack, Analog Rytm, TR-808, Virus Ti2, Roland SVC-350, VirusB, 606, SH101, Micro Modular, and assorted Modular gear.




1. Winter’s Fall

2. Telepathic Virus

3. Haunting Metallic Atmosphere



Design by Heather Cannibal / Sean Dimentia

Mastered by Ryan Olson / Morphed Productions

Released on May 17, 2019